Defense Grills State Troopers on Sandusky Investigation

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Two state troopers involved directly in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse investigation were called to testify for the defense Tuesday morning in the Sandusky trial.

Attorney Joe Amendola first hinted at one of his defense strategies last week when he would cross-examine some of the alleged victims.  He asked each of them many questions about why they told investigators very little or nothing about the abuse when first approached by police, but then shared more graphic details later.  Tuesday, Amendola turned that line of questioning on the investigators themselves.

Amendola asked Cpl. Joseph Leiter and Cpl Scott Rossman from the state police about what alleged victims shared with them when those two investigators first approached them.  Both said that some of the alleged victims were reluctant to share anything with them and then did provide more details as the investigation went on.

But, on cross-examination by Deputy Attorney General Joe McGettigan, the two troopers said that is common for victims of crimes like this.  Cpl. Rossman said it sometimes takes a bit for victims to become comfortable with investigators to be willing to share such personal details.

“It ‘s a very uncomfortable subject for any victim to come in and relate that something horrific has happened to them,” said Cpl. Rossman.

Cpl. Leiter also talked about when he first made contact with alleged Victim 4 and how he didn’t want to share anything at first.

“I remember he was curled up in the fetal position on the end of his couch, he was very reluctant,” said Cpl. Leiter.

The defense also set another tone during cross-examination of alleged victims last week.  Sandusky’s attorneys asked each of the accusers if they had hired their own attorneys.  Most of them have hired their own lawyers during the investigation.  Attorney Joe Amendola asked each of the alleged victims if they expected to make money out of the is case, all said that was not why they were testifying.

With the troopers on the stand, Amendola asked them if alleged Victim 4 had and attorney when they talked with him and they said yes.

Amendola also asked the troopers numerous questions about what they told each alleged victim as they interviewed them about there being other victims out there.  The troopers said they did share that there were others.  They said they didn’t get into details about what the others told them.  Amendola suggested that the troopers tainted the witnesses while they interviewed.  On cross-examination they said they didn’t.