Northeast Fair Set To Start Tuesday

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The Northeast Fair in Luzerne County is set to kick off Tuesday.

The fair is put on by the Pittston Township Fire Department and volunteers say this is a great way for people to have fun and for vendors to make money.

More importantly, it`s the fire department`s largest fundraiser of the year.

The stage is set here at the Northeast Fair grounds in Pittston Township as workers finalize last minute details.

Soon this place will be teeming with fair lovers and thrill seekers and vendors here say they can`t wait.

“It`s a really important event for us and the community,” said vendor Sylvester English. “It brings a lot of people out and it brings a lot of us together.”

“We`re always here at the Northeast Fair because it`s like being with family, it`s like a family reunion every year,” said Rick Mikula, owner of Hole In Hand Butterfly Farm.

He brings a butterfly display to the fair and educates fair goers on keeping and raising butterflies.

For these vendors, every fair is a way to make a living.

John Lupo came in from New Hampshire to sell his custom made t-shirts.

“I have three kids to feed at home, so that`s how I make my living,” said Lupo.

Vendor Zach Swift from New York who usually brings a truck to sell pizza, brought a second one this year to also sell hot dogs.

“There’s a lot of kids so hopefully the corn dogs and bacon dogs will do good like the pizza always does,” said Swift.

Sylvester English, owner and chef at the Kinfolk Soul Food truck, has come up for the past four years from Florida to bring what he calls his blue ribbon barbeque.

“Pulled pork, chicken, ribs, it`s all award winning barbeque,” said English. “We have all the homemade sides, collard greens, mac and cheese, potato salad.”

But the people really hoping cash in at the fair are the members of the Pittston Township Fire Department.

The department has run the fair for the past 47 years and it`s the biggest fundraiser for them.

“It gets us through the whole year on our financial status,” said Allan Capozucca, the president of the fire department.  “We`re getting a new fire truck, we need to upgrade it, get the equipment for it. We`re looking at 40 thousand dollars just in the equipment for the new fire truck.”