Defense Expected to Take Over on Monday

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The prosecution wrapped up its case in the Jerry Sandusky trial last week, with eight alleged victims taking the stand detailing sexual abuse at the hands of Sandusky.

The defense is expected to take over on Monday, presenting several witnesses.

One of those witnesses could be a psychologist.

The defense is now trying to convince the jury that Sandusky suffers from a personality disorder.

After four days of prosecution witnesses testifying that Jerry Sandusky repeatedly raped and molested 10 young boys.

It's now the defense's turn to try to sway the jury.

All last week the jury heard graphic testimony from the alleged victims.

One of the boys recalled screaming for help during the abuse, when he was in Sandusky's basement. He said no one ever helped him.

The defense is now expected to bring in a psychologist to testify that Sandusky suffers from "histrionic personality disorder."

They are trying to prove that Sandusky wasn't trying to groom all the boys with his love letters, but instead wanted to show them how much he cared.

Another strategy by the defense, questioning the accusers’ credibility, and the timeline of the alleged abuse.

Sandusky's wife, Dottie, is also expected to take the stand in his defense, what she will say is unclear.

The defense team promised that Jerry Sandusky himself will also testify. Whether or not he will, is the big question.

People in the area following the trial believe Sandusky's attorneys are fighting an uphill battle.

“I have a feeling that the defense is in some trouble. I think how quickly they went through the prosecution witnesses, it doesn't seem like they cross-examined much from the defense’s side, and I just feel they don't have a whole lot of ground to stand on,” said Kim Dougher of Scranton.

“The pattern was the same through all of them so you're not going to get that many people, like the defense would say they're lying, they're not lying,” said Frank Devivo of Dunmore.

“I don't think they can do anything. I think they should just say ‘alright he's guilty’ and be done with it,” said Regina Hanlon of Scranton.

The trial resumes at 9 a.m. on Monday.

The prosecution is expected to wrap up some loose ends in the morning, and the defense is expected to get the case by noon in Centre County court.