Mitt Romney Campaigns in Carbon County

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The race for president returned to the Keystone state Saturday, as Republican Mitt Romney spent the morning speaking to supporters in Carbon County.

Mitt Romney's tour this week takes him through six states.

All states the republicans lost in 2008.

An overflow crowd greeted the Republican hopeful at Weatherly Casting and Machine company, where Romney opened with criticism of President Obama's economic policies.

"Over the last three and a half years, the median income in America has dropped by ten percent. We've had foreclosures across the country in record numbers," said Romney.

Romney said Obama's economic policies are strangling small businesses like this one.

He pledged to get rid of the national health care initiative, known as Obama-care, on his first day in office and put greater emphasis on cultivating America's energy resources like oil, coal and natural gas.

Romney spoke for about 20 minutes, and his remarks were well-received by this mostly partisan crowd. When he was done speaking with them, he sat down to speak with Newswatch 16.

"I see an energy resurgence as part of an economic resurgence, not only for Pennsylvania, but for the whole nation," said Romney.

The motto of Romney's current tour is every town counts, and on this morning, that town was Weatherly.

"The fact that's he's here, and he's local shows that he's really interested in what the smaller communities are doing with their employment," said Theresa Brennan, of Weatherly.

Romney was joined on this stop by former Minnesota Governor, Tim Pawlenty, once a foe for the GOP nomination, but now a supporter.

Both concede, that Romney needs to step up his campaign in Pennsylvania.

"We have to raise the money to build a team and begin airing ads, and we'll get there," said Romney.

Romney wouldn't comment on whether Pawlenty is a potential running mate, but noted that Pawlenty, along with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and Senator Pat Toomey are all excellent public servants.

He'll officially accept the Republican nomination for president in August in Tampa, Florida.