Caribbean Barramundi

Exec. Chef John J. Hudak, CEC, AEC, AAC, of Vanderlyn's Restaurant in Kingston prepares a delicious summertime seafood recipe. Enjoy!

Caribbean Barramundi  


Yield: 1 Serving


8 Ounces Barramundi Fillet, Skinless

2 Each U-12 Shrimp, Peeled & Deveined    

2 Ounces Clarified Butter or Olive Oil

½ Ounce Shallots, Sliced

1 Ounce Scallions

1 Ounce Pineapple  

1 Ounce Malibu Pineapple Rum 

2 Ounces Pina Colada 

To Taste Parsley, Chopped 

To Taste Salt & White Pepper

To Taste Fresh Ground Black Pepper


Method of Preparation

1) Season & sear barramundi evenly on both sides in clarified butter – remove from pan.

2) Place fillet on baking pan & finish cooking to 135 F internal temperature,

    reserve for plating.

3) Season & sear shrimp, deglaze with a splash of rum. Reserve for plating.

4) In same pan shrimp was seared in, add shallots, sauté briefly. Add scallions & pineapple.

5) Deglaze pan with rum, reduce by one half.

6) Add pina colada & reduce to desired consistency, adjust seasonings. 

7) Place barramundi on warm plate. Top with shrimp, coat with sauce, sprinkle with toasted coconut & Enjoy. 


Recipe Prepared and Presented By

John J. Hudak Jr., CEC, ACE, AAC

Executive Chef, Vanderlyn’s Restaurant 


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