Not Your Average Father’s Day Gift

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As we head into the weekend, many families are getting ready to celebrate Father's Day.

Being a dad, you may never really know what to expect when it comes to gifts.

So Newswatch 16 decided to find gifts that give dad an adrenaline rush.

When it comes to celebrating your dad, nothing may say "I love you more" than buying him a session with a personal trainer.

At Muscle Inc. in Stroudsburg, a personal trainer said a gift of fitness is really a gift of life.

"It's what's going to extend your life. Your quality of life. Keep you healthy," said Robert Ludwig, a personal trainer at Muscle Inc.

A session with a personal trainer may seem a bit intimidating, but fear not, Ludwig said a lot more goes into it than just pumping iron.

"They'll do an assessment on you. Find out what your needs are, find out what your habits are. Then they make something personal for you," said Ludwig.

Ludwig is a father and a grandfather of five kids.

He's also not the only father who thinks a personal trainer is a good idea to keep young.

"My son is an all conference wrestler at Wilkes University and trying to keep up with him would be a great thing," said Dave Lauchaire of East Stroudsburg.

If you want a different adrenaline rush for dad, why not get him a day at the track, the go-kart track.

S and S Speedways near Stroudsburg offers a very unique racing experience for dad and the entire family.

"It's indoor go-karts, different from your outdoor go-karts. It's a slick track, simulates dirt track racing," said Randy Smith, the president of S and S Speedways.

"It gets really competitive. They get at it. A lot of guys, me and my dad will go out. It's a lot of fun," said Ryan Smith, the manager of S and S Speedways.

If dad isn't really sure if this is for him, just take the advice from this ten-year old.

"When I first went into one of these, I didn't want to do it, really. I was all scared, my stomach got into knots. But when I got out there, I was like 'Whoa, this is actually really fun' and I've been doing it since," said Chris Kurtz of Saylorsburg.

So dads out there, have no fear, a ten-year old can do it.

As for the personal trainer, it's not a way at getting back at dad. Instead, just tell him you love him and want him around for a few more years. Because isn't he the one who told you "No pain, no gain?"