Mitt Romney to Visit the Area

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One of the men who want to be our next president will be in our area Saturday morning.

Former governor Mitt Romney's goal  is to convince people that he would be a better president than Barack Obama.

He's bringing his plan for America, to the community of Weatherly. He will meet with business leaders and residents.

Romney will visit Weatherly Casting, a company which makes, pipes for industries. Owner Mike Leib wants to tell Romney how over-regulation is a problem for business.

“The restrictions on the new coal fired power plants are too stringent. We need low cost energy to produce these parts. We have high wages in this country and we're competing with China, India and Brazil and we need low cost energy in order to be able to compete,” said Leib.

Worker Lou Mastroddi said he'd like to tell Romney how the economy is affecting him.

“It seemed we had more money in our pockets when we were making 12 dollars an hour, opposed to 20 dollars an hour now the dollar doesn't go as far and it's a real challenge to raise a family these days,” said Mastroddi.

Some labor unions view Romney as someone who is against them. They will be at the Romney campaign event too.

“School teachers are very important, firefighters are very important, police are very important to protect our children, serve our children and educate our children,” said Terry Whiteman, of the Carbon County Labor Chapter.

“I want him to see that ordinary people, Linda Christman are out here and let him know there is an opposing points of view,” said Linda Christman, of the Carbon County Labor Chapter.

Officials said they have set up 300 chairs for the spectators, but there is room for a lot more.