Deadly Crash Investigation in Northumberland County

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State police said one person was killed and four others were hurt when a car crashed Thursday morning in Northumberland County.

State troopers looked for clues in and around a  car near Treverton. Unopened bottles of alcohol were found in the vehicle. Troopers said it's too early to determine if alcohol played a role in the crash.

Investigators said there were five people in the car. The person who died, David Dorsett, 19, of Coal township, was a passenger. The coroner said he was not wearing a seatbelt.

Sherry Paul traveled to the crash scene and wonders if she knows any of the victims. "It's scary, it's scary because you do not ever want to get that phone call." said Paul.

According to state police the car was traveling down Anthracite Road, when the driver lost control and the vehicle flipped.

Fire Chief Ed Reed said hearing that young people where in the car is unsettling. "We got to do our job, the ages are a little upsetting but we have a job to do and and we got to do it."

That thought is shared with other first responders. They  were still at the scene hours after the crash happened. Donna Reed is one of those volunteers.

"I have an 18 year old daughter, so when I come to scenes like this the thought runs through your mind that could be my child someday," said Reed.

Volunteer Justin Mease knows that sometimes younger people think they are invincible and they can survive any crash.

"Something like this might change people’s thoughts on that, I am indestructible and you're not," said Mease.

Deborah Boyer is also a  first responder and said drivers have to be careful.

"Things do happen and we're not promised tomorrow either and a lot of them think that we're going to have tomorrow and we're not promised that," said Boyer.