Beltzville Beach Closed Again

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It was no day at the beach for visitors at Beltzville State Park. Swimmers were kept out of the water for the second time this year, and this has happened many times before.

This is causing some big problems for beach-goers.

The PA State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources closed Beltzville Lake Beach in Carbon County Wednesday. They said water tests came back with high bacterial levels. Mostly because of flocks of geese.

"We came, we were going to grill, swim a little bit, and the sign says we can`t swim. I said are you serious?" said Visitor Minerva Nivres.

It's the second time the beach has closed this season, and for kids on summer vacation it's quite the disappointment.

"I`d rather not come and they should just close it if they`re not going to let us in the water, because that's the entire point of coming here," said 12-year-old Kort Gaenssle.

State officials said they have attempted to harass the geese and keep them out of the swimming areas, but those efforts have not been successful.

Not everyone thinks the birds are the only problem.

"Just uncleanliness of people littering all the time. I think it`s more responsibility of parenting and people who come up here and they need to keep the community and the environment clean," said Kimberly Longenbach of Slatington.

Workers at the DCNR said they see some littering at the beach but the geese are their main concern. As soon as water tests come back with normal bacteria levels. The beach will re-open ,but some visitors said they hope the park can find better ways to inform them of these problems in the future.

"There should at least be a sign coming into the parking lot or something or at least before you get down here, or on the internet, everybody`s on the internet now," said Ian Bowers of Danielsville.

People hope the flocks of geese find another beach to call home.