Sandusky Trial: Day Three of Testimony

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A Penn State janitor, Ronald Petrosky, left court after testifying about Jerry Sandusky being spotted sexually assaulting a boy in the Lasch football building on the Penn State campus.

An older janitor allegedly saw the assault, and was reportedly horrified by what he saw. However, for health reasons he can't testify about what he allegedly saw Sandusky doing to the boy, but the judge allowed Petrosky to testify about what he was told about it.

Several alleged victims have testified about abuse in those football building showers. On Wednesday, so-called victim number seven was one of them. He talked about naked bear hugs by Sandusky in those showers at age 10.

He testified about the former football coach routinely reaching down his pants while parked in the driveway of the Sandusky home.

He talked about Sandusky cuddling with him and caressing him before bed.

When grilled by defense attorneys about why his story has gotten more graphic he said, "I had sort of blocked out that part of my life. The more negative things I put in the back of my mind. It's like putting it in the attic and locking the door."

“It took him a very long time to process, and we are very very proud of him," said Andrew Shubin, one of the attorneys of alleged victim number seven.

“In this case, these young men are coming forward in the eye of the public in a very very highly watched case with media everywhere. That adds to the difficulty,” said Justine Andronici, one of the attorneys of alleged victim number seven.

The court heard from alleged victim number 10 about abuse in the Sandusky home, but he also talked about abuse in a very public place, the Penn State outdoor pool. He was the first to say he was threatened.

He said, "I was scared. I was ashamed. I was embarrassed. He told me that if I told anybody I would never see my family again."

Alleged victim number five testified about being shunned by Sandusky. He said the former coach stopped calling him after he tried to flee molestation.

“Mr. Amendola has proven one thing to me; that the task before him is daunting because there are all these young men that tell the same story in fact circumstance, in place, in public facilities,” said Tom Kline, the attorney of alleged victim number five.

Also on the stand John McQueary, the father of Mike McQueary, who backed up his son's testimony about witnessing a sex assault in the showers of the Penn State campus, but also John McQueary testified about Gary Schultz, a Penn State official, telling him he knew "noise" about a Sandusky problem long before Mike McQueary witnessed what he did.