Sandusky: Defense Analysis

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Jerry Sandusky is on trial, accused of sexually assaulting 10 boys. Some of those accusers have already testified, describing Sandusky as a father figure who used his influence to befriend and then molest the boys.

"Sandusky and his lawyer, they have a tough road, they have the whole country looking at that case, many people have already presumed that he is guilty, so it is a tough fight," said Al Flora, a defense attorney in Luzerne County.

Flora has defended high-profile clients, from convicted spree killer George Banks of Luzerne County, to convicted double murderer Henry Stubbs, to most recently, former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella, convicted in a juvenile detention scandal.

Like some of Flora's clients, Sandusky is expected to take the stand in his own defense.

"It's very risky but at the same time with so many witnesses saying all these things, I don't know if the defense is going to have much choice, now it's Mr. Sandusky's decision, not his lawyers," Flora said.

Flora said Sandusky's background will be an asset to his defense.

"He has the type of demeanor that he will attract people towards him, people will like him. You have to remember this is an individual who is well educated, he's well liked in the community, he had a charitable organization, so he has over the years obviously done a lot of good in the community, so those are things in his favor," said Flora.

Flora said Sandusky will in all likelihood be convicted of at least some of the charges he is facing, but while he may already be convicted in the court of public opinion, it is only what 12 jurors decide to believe that matters.

"You never know what a jury is going to do, and it is only the jury's decision that counts," said Flora.