More Church Break-ins

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Church break-ins continue in Snyder and Union Counties. Troopers said at least 14 churches have been hit over the last few weeks.

State police said in one of those cases, someone pried open a window, but left after hearing an alarm. These recent break-ins have people worried.

Christine Jacobs lives across the street from St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church near Selinsgrove. She said it is usually a quiet place.

"We always notice people when they come to the cemetery. They come day and night," said Jacobs.

Jacobs and her family did not hear someone break in to the church over the weekend. State police said someone broke in and stole several items. It is one of at least 14 break-ins or burglaries involving churches in Snyder and Union Counties over the past few weeks. Many are within a ten-mile radius of each other.

"We never have any problems around here. When the police came yesterday I was in awe because we never heard one thing," said Jacobs.

State police said within ten miles of that burglary, someone broke into a church in Union County Monday around 2:30 a.m. Police said they pried open a window and once they got inside something stopped them.

"We do have a security system and the system seemingly frightened them away. We did not suffer loss after that," said Pastor Donita Keister.

Pastor Keister said Buffalo Valley Bretheren Church, near Mifflinburg, was burglarized about ten years ago, so the church invested in an alarm system. She believes Monday's incident would have been much worse without the security system.

"We're located in a rural area, so it's important to us that there is something here to help protect us. But even in a metropolitan area it's important to have," Keister said.

State police said they are investigating the break-ins and burglaries. Troopers would not comment on whether or not there are any suspects. If anyone has information call state police.