Extreme Makeover: Church Edition

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A church in Central Pennsylvania is getting a new look, thanks to more than 100 people from all around the country. Ever seen the show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"? This is "Extreme Makeover: Church Edition!"

Some men are on a mission to build an addition to Brookside Ministries Church in Shamokin Dam. Pastor Jerry Helman said the church saw the need for more space two years ago, and has been trying to raise money.

"Then this miracle happened where God sent us Men on Mission. They're here and you can just see what's happening," Helman said.

Men on Mission is a group based in Alabama. Every year, the group renovates at least one church in a different part of the country.

"Every year it's a week to ten days of helping a church put up another building," Roger Crew said.

This year is Men on Mission's 30th anniversary. Roger Crew said a member told the group about Brookside Ministries Church in Shamokin Dam, so more than 100 men from six different states came to Snyder County to build an addition onto the church.

The pastor said the church provided the building supplies, but each and every one of these people are volunteers who donated their time and paid their own way to get here.

"Happy to be here. After my very first trip I said as long as the Lord is willing, I will be there. And I have been, simple as that," Charles Jackson said.

Crew said the majority of the work will be done by the end of this week. Volunteers said they are proud of what they accomplish through Men on Mission.

"Not every church has the blessings we have, but every church has a mission and a call to reach its community and we all work together to make that happen," said Crew.

Pastor Helman said he expects the work to be finished later this year, and is grateful for the help from Men on Mission.