Welcome Back, Curry!

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As you might expect, all the talk in Berwick Tuesday was about the return of legendary football coach George Curry and the borough in Columbia County is buzzing with excitement.

There are many words to describe the legendary coach. Former Berwick Bulldog Kevin Richards said, "I would say 'championship.'"

"A legend," said Mason's Monograming employee Mary Simmons.

"He found what inspired each individual and pushed them to the best that they could be and I know he did that for me," former Berwick Bulldog Vernon Petty said.

Curry left the football field in 2008 for retirement with 413 career wins and six state championships under his helm, and football in Berwick was never the same.

"It was pretty tough for the town.  We didn't know what he was going to do.  We thought, 'hey, he had a good 42 years,'" Richards said.

But as the Berwick Bulldogs found themselves without a coach earlier this month, the school district turned to the man the community counted on for decades.

"I never thought I would be coaching again. When I got out of it I said, 'I'm done.'  Now I'm not done, I'm ready to go.  It's unbelievable," said Curry.

Coach Curry will lead the Bulldogs football team this fall. It has the players, parents and entire community buzzing. They're getting ready to welcome back their coach, and get back to their championship ways.

"I think this town is really, really eager and excited to get back to what PA's known for and that`s smash-mouth, in-your-face, down-your-throat, football," Simmons added.

Before Curry retired from Berwick in 2005, there was some criticism claiming the coach recruited outside players to win championships.

"That's all envy," Curry said. "We never recruited anyone.  I never recruited anyone.  I don't know what else you can do to convince them."

As the players get out the pads and take to the gridiron, the entire town is getting ready to cheer Coach Curry's team all the way to the top.

"We're in for a treat this season," Simmons said.