Taste Test: The Better Chip

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As the weather heats up it's always good to have some munchy snacks on hand for your next backyard gathering, or just for the next time you get the munchies!

The Better Chip is an all natural corn tortilla chip made with real corn and other veggies. But how do they taste? We went to a place in Union County with lots of fresh food to find out.

The Susquehanna Valley Growers' Market near Lewisburg is full of fresh veggies, meats and homemade products. They're for sale here every Friday.

So for this week's taste test, we brought The Better Chip.  They're all natural corn chips made with 40% fresh vegetables!

We had three varieties to taste: corn with sea salt, jalapeno and sweet onion and white cheddar.

Our first tester, Sarah Ranes from Sweet Sally's Soaps, liked the heat of the jalapeno chips.

"They're good, they're good. Very spicy. It's not too spicy, but it's nice," said Ranes.

Jesse Price from Stone Meadow Farm liked the chips, but he preferred the original corn and sea salt chips to the spicy jalapeno flavor.

Cathy Kelly from White Frost Farm thought the sweet onion and cheddar chips would go great with one of her homemade dips.

"It's crunchy. It is good. I think I would eat them," said Kelly.

Others thought the sweet onion chips weren't so sweet.

"I liked it, it was awfully salty I would say. To me the flavor that really stands out is the salt," said Nina Miller of Clarks Summit.

Her husband, Matt, agreed. "I don't know that I'd buy a bag," he said.

We found Sam Pearson and her two kids shopping at the growers market.

The kids liked the corn chips, but Pearson thought the jalapeno chips she tried were just OK.

"It was a little too thin. And actually i didn't like the flavor all that much. I like the spiciness, but the thickness of the chip was weird," said Pearson.

We found The Better Chips at Ray's Shur Save in Waymart for $2.99 a bag. They're also available in red pepper and salsa fresca.