Man Charged With Stealing From Scouts

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 A man has been charged with stealing from the Boy Scouts, according to state police in Schuylkill County.

Police say donated recyclable cans used to raise money for the Auburn Boy Scout Troop near Pine Grove were taken last month.

Ronald Faust, scout master for Auburn Boy Scout Troop 617, says it’s a shame people are stealing aluminum cans from the troop’s donation bin at the Auburn borough building.

“The man from the borough said he saw the vehicle parked behind the can bin and then he watched and called the state police,” said Faust.

The recyclable are dropped off by residents as a way for the boys to earn money, which helps cover costs of camping trips and equipment.

“We’ll tear the bags open, we’ll sort through and pick the trash out. We’ll dispose of the trash and the tin cans, we’ll recycle into the county bins and then we take the aluminum cans away,” said Faust.

State police said John Snyder, 61, of Palo Alto was seen by a borough employee last month, leaving the borough building with the cans. State police said he has now been arraigned on charges of theft.

At the troop’s lodge, the Boy Scouts values posted on the walls are a sharp contrast of the crime committed against them.

“We work hard for what we get, so they need to do the same and it’s breaking the law,” said Boy Scout Paul Tuske.

“Stealing from a good cause is not a really good path.” Faust says this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

Last April, two people were caught after they stole bags of aluminum cans from the bin. And while they hope it stops, here at Troop 617, they still have compassion.

“I feel that people steal when they’re in a hard situation. I’m not sure what they go through but it’s still wrong but I do forgive them,” said Tuske.

Police say Snyder also faces charges of driving with a revoked license.