Firefighter’s Home Burns In Frackville

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A firefighter in Schuylkill County was the victim of a fire. His porch burst into flames early Tuesday morning.

A state police fire marshal could not find the cause. The victim credits smoke alarms and quick action by fellow firefighters in saving his home.

Smoke billowed out of the Garry Peters home along South Birch Street in Frackville. 

Hours later a state police fire marshal was on the back porch where the flames started. 

The home is owned by a Frackville firefighter Garry Peters who credits smoke alarms with saving his family.

"If this went on for a few minutes more, if there was a delay of some sort, of being notified of the fire and being brought attention to it, I might not be standing here today doing this interview with you. It was that severe," Peters said.

After dialing 911, Firefighter Peters said he grabbed a fire extinguisher and attacked the flames.

"I made the mistake of going on the porch without my shoes on and like I said with the amount of fire and heat I burnt the bottom of my feet," Peters explained.

Ken Sausser said he and other first responders knew that a brother firefighter's house was burning.

"It makes you hop a little quicker because Garry is a volunteer 30 plus years," said Sausser.

Garry's mother lives next door. Alice Bellie-Peters' home was about 30 feet from the fire and said her venison blind melted.

"It made a swirl right around the building there and came all around this way that`s probably when that happened." said Bellie-Peters.

Firefighter Gary Peters said being a victim of fire, he can better appreciate what others go though. It also reminds him of the importance of his firefighting brothers and sisters.

"It gives you a totally different light on the subject," Peters said.

The Peters family says there is so much damage to their home they can't move back in but they have a place to stay.