Treasurer Admits to Stealing From Scouts

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A treasurer has admitted to stealing money from the organization she was supposed to serve--the Boy Scouts of America. Leaders of Troop 37 in Danville noticed more than $4,000 missing from the account in January.

Tracey Myers was in charge of managing the money for over three and a half years. Monday morning, she told a judge in Montour County she used Troop 37's bank account as if it were her own, stealing more than $4,000.

Myers did not have anything to say as she left the Montour County Courthouse. She admitted to stealing more than $4,000 from Boy Scout Troop 37, out of Danville.

Myers told a judge in Montour County that she used the money for personal and medical expenses. She is no longer a part of Troop 37.

"The unit reorganized completely and has strengthened as a result of this," said Paul Knox, CEO of Columbia Montour Council of Boy Scouts.

Paul Knox is the CEO of the Columbia Montour Council of Boy Scouts, which is near Bloomsburg. The group oversees more than 50 boy scout troops, including Troop 37.

Knox said the Columbia Montour Council is taking steps to make sure something like this never happens again. He said recently there was a two-hour training course that over 50 people attended.

"The training is basically how to administrator the unit and make sure that not only the fiscal pieces are done, but the whole administration of the unit is done properly," Knox said.

Knox said the Columbia Montour Council does a background check on all adults before they are allowed to volunteer. He said one was done on Myers, but nothing came up. He hopes the guilty plea will allow the Boy Scouts to put the incident behind them and continue to grow.

"Good things are happening out of bad things," Knox said.

In addition to pleading guilty, Myers also paid restitution. She will be sentenced at a later time in Montour County.