Ashland Doctor Under Fire

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The federal government has accused a doctor from Schuylkill County of abusing alcohol and cocaine and writing prescriptions for people who didn't need them.

Dr. Stephanie Tarapchak has been practicing medicine in Pennsylvania for 14 years. But now her state license has been suspended, her office closed and she's under fire by the federal government.

In a letter, the Drug Enforcement Administration said the doctor's prescription writing habits are an imminent danger to public health and safety and that she has abused alcohol and cocaine.

Former patient Tara Brown is shocked.

"I always thought she was a good doctor. She would always answer my questions and if I had a problem, I always could talk things over, " Brown said.

Some of the other concerns from the feds includes allegations that Dr. Tarapchak wrote prescriptions for medications that people didn't need. She allegedly would write a prescription to one person and divert the medicine to someone else

The letter from the D.E.A. describes how a 16 year old overdosed and a man attempted to commit suicide after receiving pills provided by Dr. Tarapchak.

Former patient Tara Brown was at the doctor's office to pick up her records, but no one answered the door. Brown said she didn't expect to hear such allegations.

"It was kind of surprising to me, disappointing, I guess."

The word of Dr. Tarapchak's troubles is filtering through the community. Michael Candelaira is surprised over the allegations.

"It doesn't sound like much of a doctor to me. A doctor is there to help other people."

Sharon Buck said she shares those feelings.

"She shouldn't be a doctor. They take an oath when they become a doctor to take care of people."

Several attempts to contact Dr. Tarapchak were unsuccessful. There was no answer at her door and the office phone number has been disconnected.