Alleged Sandusky Victim: From Mentor to Abuser

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There were hours of testimony Monday from one of the eight alleged victims that is expected to take the stand throughout the trial.

What started out as a friendship, and horsing around in the shower, soon turned into a sexual relationship he says he did not want.

That included love letters read in court on Penn State letterhead. A contract the witness says was meant to make sure Sandusky and he spent more time together.

For the first time we heard directly from one of Jerry Sandusky's accusers. The alleged victim was 13-years-old when the two met, and what began as a mentor like relationship, evolved into something else.

That's according to what the alleged victim said on the stand. He is in his late twenties now and remembered showers after workouts which led to hugging, caressing and eventually dozens of sex acts.

He testified that Sandusky gave him opportunities and gifts most kids only dreamed about.

A snowboard, football memorabilia and trips to Penn State bowl games.

Then came what the witness considered love letters, from Jerry to the boy.

One read: "I know that i have made my share of mistakes. However, I hope that I will be able to say I cared."

It went on to mention love several times.

Another was written like a story and went on for 3 pages, at one point saying: "Jer became attached to (name of boy) and always will be."

On cross examination, Sandusky's attorney asked the alleged victim why he never came forward until now.

He said, "He was nice to me other than those instances. I didn't want to lose someone paying attention to me."

Time and again the victim said he tried to get away from the man who, in many ways, was a father figure. As Sandusky stands accused of sexually abusing nine more boys.

Day one's only victim witness said he feels responsible for what happened to other victims.