Little League Moving Forward After Fire

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Little league officials, players, and their families in Luzerne County are moving forward, one day after their concession stand was destroyed by fire.

League officials believe they were targeted by an arsonist.

The organization said despite the loss. The games must go on.

Play ball!! That's exactly what these four-to-six-year-old tee ball players did Sunday in Luzerne County.

With a small ice cooler and a grill, parents whipped up some food to sell, and kept their spirits high.

“I think the community, when something like this happens, they always seen to come together and make it bigger and better,” said Todd Evans, a parent and coach.

A fire Saturday morning ravaged the concession stand at the field in Plains Township, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

League officials believe it was a case of arson.

“I just don't understand why it would happen here. A lot of people put a lot of time and effort into this and for people to go and do something like that, it's disgusting,” said Evans.

The league association president said the locks on the door to the stand were cut. She thinks the fire was to cover up the theft of cash and a deep fryer.

Games scheduled for Saturday had to be postponed.

League officials said they had the concession stocked and ready to go with food and drinks for the weekend's championship games, all of that gone with the fire.

“People have gone to purchase hamburgers and hotdogs, we have a grill, others are going to get the gas, we got coolers and ice, people are running out to get paper products, to keep us going and keep the kids on the field,” said Richette Gulitus, League President.

They promise, even with all the damage, they will go on.

With three of the six games being played on Sunday, officials said they will keep working and fundraising, until they have enough money to build a new stand.

“Our whole community is a sense of family, the baseball family, the Plains pride that we have here, it's incredible and I think the kids can feel it, and this is what they need,” said Gulitus.

Little league officials said they are in need of donations. If anyone would like to make one send it to:

Plains Baseball Inc.
PO Box 1541
Plains, PA 18705