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Woman Accused of Attempted Homicide

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A woman separated from her husband ended up stabbing him in the back with a butcher knife Friday, according to police.

State police in Wayne County said the victim went to the home of his estranged wife near Damascus to do work in the basement when he was stabbed in the back.

He then ran to a neighbor's house with the knife in his back for help.

Dian Bogert said she was shocked Thursday when her neighbor, Joe Verderber ran to her door for help with a butcher knife in his back. She quickly dialed 911. She said she can hardly believe what unfolded in her quiet neighborhood near Damascus.

"We heard banging on the front door and the front door bell. My daughter was visiting and she opened the door and our neighbor Joe was there," Bogert recounted. She could hardly believe what she heard when she opened the door for her neighbor, Joe Verderber. "He said, 'Call 911. Carolyn stabbed me in the back with a knife.'"

Hours after the stabbing state police searched the home near Damascus where they said Carolyn Verderber stabbed her estranged husband, Joe, with a large butcher knife.

Neighbors said they saw Carolyn Verderber drive away as her husband ran for help with the knife still in his back.

"I know Carol and I know Joe, and it was a surprise, it really was.  They used to get along well," said neighbor Kathy Gilson.

"I'm very surprised this area is very quiet, very peaceful, and typically nothing of that nature happens on our street," said neighbor Erik Hanson.

Carolyn Verderber is charged with criminal attempted homicide and aggravated assault while her husband remains hospitalized.

Dian Bogert said this doesn't sound like the neighbors she knew.

"They've been great neighbors. Joe helped us tremendously when we moved in. Caryoln's been a great, great neighbor, had us over for dinner a few nights ago. I can't say anything bad about them," Bogert added.

"She's nice, friendly, outgoing. That's why this just total off guard, I never ever expected it," Gilson added.

Carolyn Verderber was arraigned late Friday morning and is being held at the Wayne County jail without bail.

State police said Joe Verderber is expected to recover.