Residents Await Proposal in Mobile Home Park Stalemate

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It's been one week since residents of a mobile home park in Lycoming
County refused to leave.

The property's new owner wanted them gone in order to start building a
water withdrawal facility for the natural gas industry.

About six families are all that are left at the former Riverdale Mobile Home Park near Jersey Shore.

The deadline to leave was last Friday and since then, they have been standing their ground, waiting for an answer from the property's new owners.

Scot Johnson is still there one week after Aqua America wanted him out of the mobile home park where he has lived for years.

In fact, so are a half-dozen of his neighbors and a growing number of activists who have rallied to their cause.

The water company bought the land in order to build a water withdrawal facility along the Susquehanna River to serve the natural gas industry.

"This really is a community here now. This is all people who know each other by name now. It's not just us and the residents, there's a community that involves all of us," said activist Wendy Lee.

For more than a week now, a group of about a dozen or so people from around the state and neighboring states have camped out at Riverdale Mobile Home Park, standing with residents who are fighting for their homes. So far, they are still waiting for an answer as to what is next.

"Our attorneys have met with the water company, we hear there's a proposal. We won't know til Monday," said Scott Johnson.

The residents' story has traveled far and wide. People forced to move, many who claim they can't afford to pay to move.

Fran Gouveia and her husband made the more than two-hour trip from Lancaster to deliver some supplies for however long the encampment there might last.

"We brought some care packages. We can help, we can give them our hearts and let them know we care," Gouveia said.

The remaining residents will find out Monday what the company's latest offer is.

About two dozen families did pick up and leave before the June first deadline in order to receive $2,500 to offset their moving costs.