State Police Take Over Crash Probe

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State police Thursday mapped the scene of last month's collision in Hazleton that involved a motorcycle driver who was badly hurt after a collision with an SUV driven by the city's police chief.  Officials said the investigation is to figure out who was at fault.

A two-block section of Hazleton's main drag was shut down for more than two hours and only emergency vehicles were allowed to pass.

State troopers were busy using state-of-the-art devices to take measurements.  They will be fed into a computer.  Trooper Jason Rasmus said it will produce a birds-eye view of the crash last month in downtown Hazleton.

"Now I am looking at it from 50 feet above and it's tough to look at it on this plane. Now when I am looking down at it and I can move things, if it's a car I can take it and follow the tire marks," Trooper Rasmus said.

Troopers are investigating the crash involving 80-year-old Walter Bloss, who was on a motorcycle and a police SUV driven by Hazleton Police Chief Frank DeAndrea. They collided. The investigation centers on who had the green light. State police took over the investigation after Hazleton police requested it.

Sylvester Salazar walked past the investigation scene and said people of Hazleton need to know who was at fault. "You got to find out exactly what happened the guy is 80 years old, maybe he didn't see it. I am not saying maybe it's being investigated the way it should be done," Salazar said.

Walter Bloss's daughter explained that getting answers is important to her family.  "It's emotional when you think of what happened how my dad's body went on the hood of the police car and then fell on the pavement, I can't even imagine that."

State police said it's unclear when their investigation will be complete and determine who was at fault at intersection.