The Fan Experience at Pocono Raceway

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The big race weekend is just about here, and fans are filling up the Pocono Raceway.

Pocono Raceway in Monroe County is all about the fans. They want the people to have more to do.

Raceway officials just installed a wiffle ball field in the infield of the track. The wiffle ball field will be run by the Barley Creek Brewing Company, located in nearby Tannersville. The brewing company will have its brews on tap too.

“We wanted to bring a variety to the NASCAR fans. You can't get handcrafted beer at a track like this so we brought all our homemade brews up here for them,” said Ryan Doyle of Barley Creek Brewing Company.

For the first time the racetrack has a mascot for the kids, Tricky the fox.

"Tricky is going to teach the kids all of our green programs and try to show them how they can be more green in everything they do on a daily basis.” said Chase Mattioli, vice president of business development.

The younger fans will also have plenty more to do. There will also be a larger kid zone filled with activities all weekend long.

“We realize our fans are operating on a tighter budget and we have to offer them more for what they're paying for, more bang for your buck, so you can say,” said Mattioli.

Fans can also get a closer look at the race by simply using the website Twitter.

“I've heard of Twitter, You Tube, but I'm a Facebook man,” said Craig Von Ericson of New York.

The way it works is you have an account where you can post brief statements and pictures.

This year, NASCAR became the first sports organization in the world to team up with Twitter. This means that each time you post a statement and add #NASCAR, your statement will be sent directly to the official NASCAR Twitter website.

The partnership encourages participation from fans and drivers.

“Which is all behind-the-scenes content that the fans can see from racing, to drivers, to the track, from NASCAR personalities, and the fans,” said Kevin Heaney, interactive marketing manager.

All fans are encouraged to participate, and some said they're interested in signing on.

“It's great and as soon as I'm done talking to you, I'll probably go into my camper and download Twitter on my phone," said Ericson.