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Two Statues Stolen From Hazleton Church

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Two statues were stolen from a church in Luzerne County in less than two weeks, according to police.

A statue of St.Theresa and one of the Virgin Mary were taken from Most Precious Blood Church in Hazleton where they had been on display outside.

“As you can see, it was cemented in and it was taken,” said Father Louis Grippe, indicating the place where a 38-inch statue of St.Theresa once stood.

Hazleton police said the statue was taken in the overnight hours of May 25.

Father Grippe said a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes was stolen from the church’s grotto inside a prayer garden sometime overnight Tuesday.

“The second statue was placed here on the altar and that statue was painted just about four, five days ago,” said Father Grippe.

He added the statues aren't worth much money but have a sentimental  value.

One of the statues was donated by a parishioner.

“The St. Theresa statue that was taken, his daughter gave that to him seven years ago,” Father Grippe said.

He added they have had other problems in the past inside the grotto.

“This is a donation box and as you can take notice, its broken. This has been broken into many, many times,” said Father Grippe.

He said he is now concerned about the other statues in the prayer garden. He doesn't want to have to take them inside since many people enjoy coming here.

“Not only our parishioners but so many people from the Hazleton area come here and pray,” said Father Grippe. “Sometimes you'll see young people just sitting on the step, reading or saying the rosary, so I guess it has that aura of peace and it's a holy place.”

Father Grippe said he hopes whoever took the statues will bring them back.

“Just return it, They're forgiven by God,” he said.

Anyone with information about the statue thefts from Most Precious Blood Church is asked to call Hazleton police at 570-459-4940.