Sandusky Jury Seated: An Analysis

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The jury has been seated in the case against Jerry Sandusky and it includes seven women and five men. Sandusky is the well known former assistant football coach at Penn State.

"It is surprising that it has taken only 2 days," said Jarrett Ferentino about the jury selection process.

Jarrett Ferentino is a prosecutor in Luzerne County and an attorney.

He has been following the Sandusky case and like many, is surprised it only took 2 days to seat the jury in the high profile case. Most of the chosen jurors have direct connections with Penn State.

Some jurors even have ties to people involved in the case, but Ferentino pointed out, this trial is happening in Centre County, Penn State country.

"It's difficult to find in an area with 150-thousand people, individuals that don't have some connection. This is a jury of Jerry Sandusky's peers. There's no way a jury pool of Jerry Sandusky's peers wouldn't include individuals that have connections to Penn State," said Ferentino.

What did surprise Ferentino was the fact that 7 of the main jurors are women and 3 of the 4 alternate jurors are women, as well.

In a case of alleged sexual abuse of children, Ferentino said that might hurt the defense.

"If I'm prosecuting a case where the victim is a child, I do feel strongly that our jury should include women and mothers and parents in particular, that can take their world experience, their life experience into that courtroom and empathize with the victim. From the defense standpoint, I can't see why having more women than men would be advantageous," he said.

The judge presiding over the case said this week the jurors will not be sequestered during the trial.

Ferentino called it an interesting decision, especially in an area clogged with media for a trial everyone seems to be talking about.

"Look back on the major high profile cases of 2011, the Casey Anthony trial, the Conrad Murray trial. Casey Anthony's jury was sequestered for the time that that case went on. She was acquitted of those charges. Dr. Conrad Murray stood trial for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson who was as famous as anyone. His jury was not sequestered and he was convicted of that charge."