Furniture Store Set to Close in Nanticoke

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After almost 80 years, a furniture store in downtown Nanticoke will close for good.

The owner of Bartuska's Furniture said people just don't have the money to spend on furniture.

Mary Elizabeth Budinas came to Bartuska's Furniture along Main Street in Nanticoke Wednesday looking for a futon.  She said her mother took her shopping there when she was younger, but soon, Budinas will have to go somewhere else.

"It's sad to see it go. We've been coming here for a while and it's sad to see this part of history leave us. It's a nice neighborhood furniture store and it's always a pleasure dealing with them whenever we did," said Budinas.

The painted sign on the front window says it all. After 78 years, Bartuska's will soon close.  Third generation owner Jim Bartuska said the economy left him with no other choice.

"A lot of customers have been coming in giving condolences as if someone had died and in a way something in this town that's been here 78 years. The closing of our doors is really hard," said Bartuska.

He added the doors will remain open at the furniture store for a few more months because there is still a lot left to be sold.

"This is like the Boscov's of Nanticoke. When this goes I don't know what's going to happen to the town so it's sad, it really is," said Alice Pawlowski.

While customers said they are sad to see the store go, perhaps the person feeling the biggest sense of loss is Jim Bartuska.

"Yeah, it is emotional. I guess, as I said, I was surprised at the outpouring of support.  As soon as the signs went up on the window traffic was stopping they were so surprised.  It's been a landmark here for that long," added Bartuska.