Feed the People Program

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A program to provide a free meal, no questions asked, started Wednesday in Carbon County.  The program focuses on the well-being of children.

Plates were loaded up with plenty of food in Summit Hill on the first day of a program called Feed The People. Anyone who would like a free lunch can get it by showing up at the Summit Hill Heritage Center. 

Tina Horsham brought her grandchildren.  "I take care of my three grandchildren and first of all I thought it would be good to get them out of the house and second of all economically it helps me," Horsham said.

Kendra Kokinda said she brought her children to in part educate them. " It's important that they get to see the importance of these kind of programs and that people give back and that people really do care," Kokinda said.

Feed The People depends on volunteers, and officials said it needs more.  Holly Ellis said she likes giving to others. "I felt that it was a necessary cause to make sure these children are fed through the summer to have a safe place to come and we'll have some games and different activities and reading to the children," said Ellis.

Feed The People is a non-profit group, partially funded by the state. It runs the lunch program at the Summit Hill Heritage Center five days a week during the summer.

Rita Trucios runs the program and said she takes the food program on the road all year round. "We are a mobile community cafe. We serve breakfast and lunch in Summit Hill and Lansford the first Tuesday of the month and the second Tuesday of the month we're in Lansford the fourth Thursday of the month we're in Coaldale," Trucios explained.