Taste Test: Drive Thru Sandwiches

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Drive Thru Sandwiches from Pierre are the newest item in the freezer section at Ray's Shur Save in Waymart.

The fast food style sandwiches are ready in a minute.

All you need is a microwave.

But can these frozen sandwiches really compare to the drive through?

We borrowed the microwave at Ray's to find out.

Our first tester liked the spicy chicken sandwich.

"Nice and spicy, yes. It's nice and tasty, too. It's got a lot of herbs in it, seems like," said Emily Piazza from Waymart.

A brother and sister team wanted to try the breaded chicken sandwich.

"It was really good!" said Abby Gogolski of Waymart.

"I like the chicken," said her brother, Tommy.

The sandwich even passed the mom taste test!

"We do eat more fresh foods," said Shelly Gogolski. "So that's why this is surprising because it does taste homemade. Very fresh."

The cheeseburger got a so-so review.

"It could use a little more cheese on there, I like more cheese. But the burger itself tastes like it's a grilled burger," said Angela Hutchins.

Finally, the one we were most curious about: the bacon cheeseburger.

"Not bad," said Al Orsini from Damascus Township. "Not something I would usually eat, but not bad for a microwavable."

The sandwiches have between 420 and 470 calories each, 15 to 22 grams of fat and 16 to 20 grams of protein.

Bottom line, our taste testers were pleasantly surprised with the quality, but the Drive Thru Sandwiches don't compare to burgers off the grill.

"We prefer to make them ourselves," said Orsini.