Saying Goodbye to Senator Lemmond

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People are paying their final respects to long-time State Senator Charles Lemmond at the Snowdon Funeral Home in Shavertown.

Senator Lemmond died last week at the age of 82 and leaves behind a lifetime of service  in Luzerne County.

Lemmond spent decades working for the people of Luzerne County.  The Ivy Leaguer first graduated Harvard, then from Penn Law School.  He worked as an assistant district attorney in Luzerne County and then was elected judge.

He will be most remembered for his 21 years of service serving as a state senator in the 20th District.

Friends and family said one last goodbye to Senator Lemmond at his viewing in Shavertown.  Many people said Lemmond will never be forgotten because of the years of service he gave to his community.

"He was a person that you could talk to and get advice from. He was a mentor to a lot of people. As a lawyer he was effective . As a legislator he was quiet, but he was a very effective legislator," said Joseph Musto, one of Lemmond's former colleagues.

Funeral services are scheduled for 11 a.m. Wednesday at the Dallas United Methodist Church in Dallas.