Bridge Detour in Snyder County

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Folks in one part of Snyder County may need to set aside a little more time for their commute. A bridge in Selinsgrove is the only way onto the Isle of Que, but that bridge closed and it will stay that way for the next few months.

Derick Weller lives on the Isle of Que, which is an island in Selinsgrove. The bridge is the only way on and off the island, but for the next three months it will be closed for maintenance.

People will be allowed to drive on a ramp that is usually used only for emergencies as a detour. Weller said that detour will take him an extra two miles out of his way.

“We have to go around to the bypass. It will take a little more time,” Weller said. “On the weekends, especially Friday and Saturday, it will probably take an extra 10-20 minutes.”

The $1.8 million project will repair the bridge, which PennDOT said is 60 years old. PennDOT will replace some steel, paint and put a driving surface on the bridge.

Jean Veverka said the repairs are much-needed.

“It’s the only way you can go in and out from the island and the bridge gotta be repaired so we gotta get it in shape to last for years,” Veverka said.

It’s not just people who live on the Isle of Que that will be affected. Rhine’s Floral and Greenhouses is a business on the island that has already started to make adjustments.

“Normally our greenhouses would stay open until July 4, but because the bridge is closing today we decided to move all our product early,” Ed Auman said. He owns the greenhouse and hopes for the best. “We’re hoping that people find the access and will drive down and still buy from us as they always have in the past, but it’s a real uncertainty at this point.” 

The bridge repairs are scheduled to be finished by late August.