Alleged Attack on Woman and Toddler

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Micah Bogue, 23, is accused of a brutal attack on his girlfriend and her three-year-old son.

According to police, it happened late Monday night at the couple’s shared apartment on North Main Street in Taylor.

Bogue’s girlfriend told police he came home drunk and was not happy she wanted to leave, so “…he started yelling at her.”

According to court papers, Bogue then “…started to push her around, grabbed her by the neck and started to strangle her.”

The girlfriend told a police detective she bit Bogue so he would let her go and when she did that, he turned on her, biting her “on the right temple area of the face, causing severe pain and visible injury.”

Bogue’s girlfriend said he let her go, then “…picked up her three-year-old son by the neck completely off the ground and carried him a few feet.”

The girlfriend said she ran and pushed Bogue and he started to strangle her again and broke her glasses.

Investigators took pictures of the girlfriend’s injuries.

Bogue was arraigned and jailed on $10,000 bail