Leaky Roof Could Delay Summer Program

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Heavy rain over Memorial Day weekend caused the roof to leak in two classrooms and a hallway at Unity Christian Fellowship in Williamsport according to Bishop Sidney Wheatley

Both of those rooms were recently renovated. The bishop said the roof problem could prevent a summer education program from opening as scheduled in two weeks.

Bishop Wheatley said there are major problems with the roof of his church in Williamsport. The roof at Unity Christian Fellowship was repaired in 2008 and the bishop said recently it has been a problem.

"We have ponds on the roof as if we were going fishing on the roof.  We have buckling and we put vents in and still the problem exists," said Bishop Wheatley.

The bishop said heavy rain over Memorial Day weekend caused the roof to leak.

"We came in the church and saw these two rooms were leaking badly and also some spots in the hallway," added the bishop.

The second floor of the church was recently renovated to be used by a group called Community Alliance for Progressive Positive Action, or CAPPA.  It is a program for underprivileged children in Williamsport.

Newswatch 16 was there in March for the grand opening of CAPPA's new headquarters on the second floor of the church. CAPPA is scheduled to hold a summer education program there in two weeks.

Church and CAPPA officials said if the classroom still looks like this and the roof is still leaking they won't be able to hold the summer program.

"We already moved the date back, it was supposed to start on the 11th of June.  We moved it back a week hoping we could get some resolve before then," said Loni Gamble, executive director of CAPPA.

He said almost 40 children are signed up for the summer program. He doesn't want to tell them they can't come but may have no other choice.

"We can't have young people in here with a leaky roof, with water spilling on the floor," said Gamble.

Phillips Roofing Company, incorporated installed the roof in 2008. 

Newswatch 16 spoke to the owner of the company today. He said the roof is leaking because the church did not have recommended drains installed right after the roof was fixed. The warranty was canceled two years ago. 

He also said his roofing company has tried to help the church by giving it discounts but the church wants the repairs done for free.