Be Life Cafe Delight Dessert

This dessert is absolutely delicious and good for you.  The Be Life Cafe and Marketplace is all about eating food that is best for your body but tastes great.  Be Life, Be Love, Be Change is their mantra and it shows in the cafe, food and service.

Young Thai Coconut
Raw Honey 1 tblsp.
Curried Pumpkin Seeds 1 tblsp.
Fresh Basil
Fresh Cilantro

Cut open coconut and drain liquid.
Scrape out Coconut meat and puree'.
Spoon Coconut meat.
Spoon a dollop.\ of puree coconut onto plate.
Slice watermelon into quarters,  cut 3 slim slices from the quarter. 
Place over coconut.
Slice avocado and place over watermelon.
Drizzle raw honey over it.
Sprinkle seeds.
a tiny pinch of salt.
A few basil leaves and cilantro.


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