Fitstock for a Cause

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There seems to be nothing quite like the relationship between brothers.

In Lackawanna County Friday Newswatch 16 met brothers who are teaching each other a thing or two organizing a weekend event to raise funds for an organization close to their hearts.

It's true that Matt Marcinek was born with cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, but that doesn't even begin to describe the 28-year-old man from Peckville.

"I am a first-degree brown belt in judo, a blue belt in Brazilian jujitsu, I'm a children's MMA instructor, I'm an Eagle scout, I've been rock climbing," Marcinek said.

Doubt him? At your peril, said his brother Mike, older by only 13 months.  Mike is the owner and lead instructor at NEPA Fit Club in Jessup, a private coaching and training facility. He is also the organizer of an event this weekend called Fitstock for a Cause.

One ticket buys you entrance to a motivational speech by Matt himself, an outdoor workout to live music and a happy hour.

"Last year we had 60 workout and about 100 show up.  This year we're looking for 100 to workout.  Last year we gave a $1,500 donation to UCP, and this year we're hoping to top $2,000," Mike Marcinek said. "One hundred percent of the proceeds go to UCPA. Nothing is kept here."

UCPA is United Cerebral Palsy of Northeast PA, an organization Matt has relied on through the years.

Organizers promise you will get a good workout with Fitstock, and they promise it'll happen rain or shine.

Tickets are $15 if you don't workout, $20 if you do and can be purchased during any of the weekend's planned activities, including at Caverna in Jessup, the bar/restaurant where the happy hour is planned.

"It's high intensity. Not a cookie cutter workout.  Fun, but a challenge at the same time," Mike Marcinek promised.

Something tells us that's exactly what Matt is used to anyway.