Activists Stand with Mobile Home Park Residents

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A group of activists rallied to the defense of people who are being forced out of their homes in Lycoming County.

The company that bought a mobile home park plans to supply water from the river to the gas industry. The deadline to leave has come and gone, but some residents are vowing not to leave.

They stood side by side, determined to keep any construction vehicles out and the remaining residents in their homes.

The deadline to move out of what was the Riverdale Mobile Home Park near Jersey Shore has passed and construction is scheduled to start at any time.

"When I came home from work last night I was shocked by the number of people who are here to support us, help us save our homes," said resident Denise Bliler.

Bliler and her neighbors were told to move out by June. The property's new owner, Aqua America, wants to start building a water withdrawal facility to provide water from the river to the gas industry.

While many residents have gone, Bliler and a handful of others said they cannot afford to move.

"Homes are hard to find and they're not cheap. What are you going to do?" asked resident Scot Johnson.

Aqua America's plan to build a water withdrawal facility along the Susquehanna River not only includes kicking out those families that lived in the mobile home park, but also taking water from the river. That is why so many people from across the state and neighboring states have come to help in the fight against those plans.

"These people are the helpless victims of that. They're forced from their homes they've lived here for many years, some have no where else to go," said activist Barbara Vanhorn of Duncannon.

A company spokesperson said Aqua America hopes the remaining residents leave as soon as possible, or the next step will be legal action.

The group of residents and activists is determined, however, and plans to stand in the way of anything that should come the next week.