“Walk the Lake” Project

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There is an effort in the Abingtons to make part of a park accessible to everyone.

Lake Eston Wilson in Clarks Summit wasn't as impressive a few years ago. It sat relatively untouched for years next to the Abington Area Community Park. Now it is becoming part of the park itself.

"I haven't been back there too far because I'm never equipped well, but it was really, really overgrown and now there's pavement, and the boardwalk that's coming, I think it'll be really nice," said Kaitlyn McIntyre of Clarks Summit.

Now the walk around Lake Eston Wilson is an easy stroll. An asphalt trail leading to the trail from the park has already been completed, and volunteers from the Abington Joint Recreation Board have started laying boards that will eventually lead all the way around the lake.

The boardwalk will run about a half mile, but workers have only laid about 200 feet of boards so far. All of the work is being done by volunteers and the $30,000 price tag is being paid mostly by federal and state grants.

"It will help the disabled and help the fishermen bring in a lot of the fish," said Kendell Bell of Exeter.

That is good news for folks who use the lake to fish. The boardwalk will mean an easy trip to another dock on the other side of the lake.

The point is to make that part of the park more accessible to everyone whether you are on foot, on bike or in a wheelchair.

"I think it will be really convenient for people, because it's really nice here. You want to come and see it, so even if you are in a wheelchair, I think it will be really nice," McIntyre added.

Officials in charge of the project said the first half should be finished by the end of the summer. The boardwalk will circle the lake sometime in 2013.