Former High School Being Demolished

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Wrecking crews started tearing down a piece of history in Lock Haven this week.

The former high school is being demolished, and in its place will go another center for learning.

Wednesday was the first day of demolition at the former Lock Haven High School and already there was a gaping hole where the auditorium is located.

Heavy machinery took swipes at the brick and mortar that for decades made up the school thousands of students call their alma mater.

"It's weird to see. I'm sending a picture to one of my friends I graduated with," said Kate Kishbaugh. "My parents went to school here, I know so many people who went to school here."

Kishbaugh snapped photos of the now-crumbling high school. Other former students dropped by every so often to catch a glimpse of the building before it is gone and a new Lock Haven University science center goes up in its place.

"Brings back a lot of memories, a lot of times through the front door. Principal's office was right inside the door," said Fran Styer, Class of 1966.

A number of years ago, Lock Haven University was able to renovate a portion of the junior-senior high school for use. Now that the university will put in a new hi-tech science center, officials said they have to tear down the larger portion of the high school because it was too antiquated and could not be updated.

"It's seen its useful life, it served its purpose, thousands of students went through that school, there's a lot of sentiment about the old high school," said Keith Roush with Lock Haven University.

He added  the new $31 million science center will be a fitting replacement for the old high school. Demolition should last about three months and the new science building complete by fall 2013.