Fire Destroys Homes

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There is not much left of two row homes on New York Street in Shenandoah.

When emergency crews arrived they found flames shooting out of the back of the home and lots of smoke in the front.

No one was home at the time.

The mother of Shawn Weinus was glad her son is safe but realized his home was destroyed.

"I have never been through this before so it's, yeah.  I do have insurance and stuff like that but you're never prepared for something like this and by the early looks of it I don't think I got anything left," said Weinus

Fire fighters are being praised for stopping the flames from spreading to other homes in the neighborhood.

"Row home fires in Shenandoah are always a disaster but the guys did an excellent job making a stop. We held it to the two buildings," said Phoenix Fire Chief Rick Examitas.

Not only did emergency crews have to deal with the fire they had to cope with the heat. That's why there was plenty of water to go around.

"They risk their life, they do a lot for us you know, you know I pray for them, they do a good job," said neighbor Alexander Santago.

"They did an outstanding job, to have it contained to these two homes and nobody else having any real issues, that just shows the kind of people they are and the job they do," said Weinus.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.