Superintendent Suspended

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Jersey Shore Area School Board members voted unanimously Tuesday night to suspend Superintendent Richard Emery.

The board voted on a 15 day unpaid suspension for Emery after he was charged with D.U.I.

"I think it should be longer, I think it's like 15 days or something. I think it should be longer and then I do believe he should fulfill his duties right when his suspension is over," said Jersey Shore Area junior Alexis Loughry.

According to state police, Emery was stopped while driving on April 30 in Northumberland County. Police said his blood alcohol concentration was twice the legal limit.

This is just the latest controversy in the district.

Last year, 16 students fought back after the district banned them from walking during graduation. The students were accused of being at an underage drinking party.

The case was taken to court and eventually those students were permitted to take part in graduation.

"I do think Jersey Shore has tons of controversy but I think this is the worst part of the controversy because he's a leader in our opinion so I think it's definitely worse for him to get into legal trouble," said Jersey Shore junior Katie Wasson.

Board members said Emery will return to work once his suspension is over.

In addition to that, they said if Emery is found guilty of the charges, he will have to talk to students in an assembly type setting about his mistake and the consequences of it.

"As a punishment to him, I think he should get up in front of everybody, face his fears, and explain to kids what he shouldn't do," said Jersey Shore Area senior Zachary Norman.

"We'll get through this, we have a good school board and good teachers and a good town and a good school district," said Burt Francis of Jersey Shore about the controversy.

Emery began serving his suspension on May 22.

He will remain suspended until June 12.