Homicide Suspect to Return to Luzerne County

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Authorities got a break in the homicide case of Daron Trollinger over the weekend when the suspect was caught in Philadelphia.

Investigators are making arrangements now to get George Lee Barnes back to the area to face charges.

Police captured Barnes in Philadelphia Friday night.  He is scheduled to be returned to Luzerne County on Thursday.

Barnes is accused of shooting and killing Daron Trollinger in Edwardsville on May 16 during what police said was a drug deal.

Witnesses said Barnes fled the area on the same day an arrest warrant was issued for him.

People who live and work in Edwardsville said they are glad Barnes is in police custody.

"There were a lot of people skeptical leaving the house in the daytime. Now night-time they are walking, back to not normal but he's caught and thank goodness for that," said Roberta Lanczak who works near the scene of the shooting in Edwardsville.

While some people in Edwardsville said there is a sense of relief now that George Lee Barnes is in custody, across the river in Wilkes-Barre in the neighborhood where Tyler Winstead was killed nearly eight weeks ago, some neighbors there still have many questions.

Winstead, 14, died of a single gunshot wound to the chest in early April on Hill Street in Wilkes-Barre.

Since then, neighbors said there have been plenty of rumors about what happened, but police have never officially named any suspects or made any arrests.

"You would think you know if you can catch someone in a whole other city in four days why can't they even get a suspect in a little boy shooter? Who shoots a little boy? There has to be something, some sort of suspect to question, you know," said Heather Murgia of Wilkes-Barre.

Investigators said police and detectives continue to work around the clock on the Winstead shooting that rattled the Hill Street neighborhood, and officials said there could be more information on that case by the end of the week.