Dogs Recovering, Help Still Needed

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Two weeks ago an animal shelter in Columbia County doubled its dog population after an animal control officer was found hoarding animals in Berwick.

After a story aired on Newswatch 16, the Animal Resource Center got many calls for people looking to adopt, but there is still a need for help.

The Animal Resource Center near Millville took in 33 dogs earlier this month, doubling the dog population there.

Already, nearly half of those dogs have been adopted. Many others are still in need of a place to call home.

"It's doing pretty well. We got a lot of donations, a lot of volunteers and about half of the small dogs that were brought in are already adopted or in foster homes, so it's pretty good so far," said Brian Marino of Animal Resource Center.

That rush of adoptions and help came after news broke about 60 animals found jammed into a home in Berwick.

Officials said Berwick's former animal control officer, Jinece Loughry, had 40 dogs and 24 cats in her house.

The Animal Resource Center took most of the dogs. Workers said many of them were coated in thick feces and in need of care.

They are doing much better now.

"A lot of them came in pretty shy because they weren't handled a lot by other people. Since having so many volunteers coming up, they've had a lot of interaction with people, so they've all adjusted really well and they're doing really well though," Marino added.

Workers said one puppy found in the house was nearly dead when they found her.  She needed a lot of work to nurse her back to health.  In fact, a lot of the dogs needed veterinary care and that means big bills.

"It's probably been a few thousand dollars just in vet bills alone so far, never mind the cost of all the uptake and the feed and cleaning supplies and stuff like that," Marino said.

The shelter has been expanding in recent years, but getting all the extra dogs meant a lot of extra work caring for them, plus all the other dogs there and a building full of cats.

"They're coming back around finally. When the volunteers come, they get all excited. You can see they're definitely changing," said worker John Marino about all the dogs that came earlier this month. 

He says he worked 75 hours last week just trying to care for all the animals.  Three other full-time workers have been putting in long hours too.

The Animal Resource Center still needs help with donations of food, money and other supplies.

You can also volunteer and adopt some of the dogs and cats.

Donations can be sent to:
Animal Resource Center
301 A Boone Road
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

To adopt an animal, call 570-854-1909 during the day or 570-356-2387 in the evenings.

To volunteer at the Animal Resource Center, call 570-784-3669.