West Pittston Thanks All Those Who Protect

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For one Luzerne County community Monday’s Memorial Day services had an emotional and personal touch.

Residents of West Pittston were hit hard by the floods back in September and  Monday they came to support both those who protect us, overseas and right here at home.

Led by bag pipers and various other bands, the Memorial Day parade moved down Wyoming Avenue in West Pittston.

The event to honor those who risk their lives defending our country brought out dozens from the community.

Many people brought their children, saying they want them to understand what it means to serve in the military.

"Just to show them all the sacrifices everybody's made for this great country that we have and make them understand what people have gone through for us,” said Traci Moss.

Parade watchers said the event had a more personal feel this year.

Seeing the first responders marching through the borough reminds many of the effort these men and women made when West Pittston was hit not once but twice by flooding last September, first when the Susquehanna River rose to record levels in the beginning of the month, then by flash flooding during heavy downpours a few weeks later.

“Just to see them every night, driving through all hours of the night in the Hummers and keeping everyone safe because that's what they had to do, because there was a lot of looting here,” said Mike Cresho.

“They were here every day, every night, 24/7, it was great,” said Laurie Cresho.

Steve Sokach's house, his son's and daughter's houses were all flooded. He credits the hard work from emergency teams as the reason West Pittston is coming back.

“They kept on going forward and they got them back, and we're going to try to be better than we were before,” said Sokach.

John Bolin with the Wyoming Fire Department was in West Pittston for days with his rescue boat.

“Countless hours and we'll do anything to help out another community, especially in that hard time,” said Bolin.

Many at the parade said they are thankful for those who protect us, overseas and here in our backyards.