Storms Damage Some Strawberry Crops

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Some farmers spent their Memorial Day looking to see if the weekend storms damaged their crops.

At B and R Farms customers have the option of picking their own strawberries near Ringtown.

"It's way early. I don't think we've ever harvested in May before but this has set our clocks off a little bit," said Robin Hetherington of B and R Farms.

Robin and her daughter, Morgan, showed some of the storm damage to a small amount of their strawberries.

"They will look perfectly fine over here, but over here is the damage that the damage we're looking for," said Morgan Hetherington.

The folks who live here in the Ringtown Valley said the storm which went through there was horrendous.

"We had what we would call a gully washer. We had four inches in two hours and then interspersed with hail," said Robin Hetherington.

Besides slightly damaging the strawberry crop and washing out small sections of a corn field, the storm brought back a bad childhood memory for Morgan.

"We had this ruckus of a thunderstorm and I got stuck out in the middle of the field and the wagon was tipping, so it was a flashback for that," said Morgan Hetherington.

Despite the flashbacks, she and the rest of her family know the storm could have been worse and emphasize they have plenty of strawberries to sell.

"We've got more than enough for everybody to come out. This won't set us back hardly at all," said Hetherington.