Tourism Turning to Social Media to Draw Crowds

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The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau is focusing on Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media to draw in crowds this summer.

"We have over 29,000 fans on our Facebook site for the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau and we use that as a channel to communicate on a daily basis with people who are interested in following what's going on here," said Carl Wilgus, CEO, Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau.

Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort has also jumped on the social media bandwagon.

It's so involved in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to name a few, that it's hired a social media coordinator to constantly update statuses and post pictures from in and around the resort.

"Basically people like to see where we are and what we do. Our activities director e-mailed me a couple of pictures.  I will post those of a hike, a lizard, a newt, pictures of the Delaware Water Gap, pictures of the fog, people like that," said Charles Pruettipun, the social media coordinator.

Taking pictures and then posting those pictures is one of the many great things about social media, according to Pruettipun, however not everything is so picture perfect when it comes to social media, especially when guests post bad reviews.

"If someone posts a comment we don't like, a bad comment about Shawnee, we let it stay there.  We answer them the best we can online and then look to our staff to fix that issue," said manager Rob Howell.

If you don't like social media and just aren't a fan, you can always use your phone to call the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau for information about what's happening this summer.