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Sandusky’s Second Mile Charity Shutting Down

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The charity started by Jerry Sandusky to help disadvantaged children plans to shut down and transfer all of its assets and programs to an organization in Texas.

The Second Mile announced Friday morning that it is seeking court approval to end its operations and make the transfer to Arrow Child & Family Ministries in Texas.

Officials at The Second Mile said in a statement released Friday that since Sandusky's arrest on child abuse charges, it is evident that there will not be enough support from donors or volunteers for the organization to continue.

"The Second Mile has made a positive difference in many peoples' lives, and we are very pleased that Arrow will continue this good work," said interim CEO David Woodle in that statement. "Arrow's mission is consistent with the goals and objectives of The Second Mile's programs. While we are sad that The Second Mile will not continue running programs, we are heartened that the important work of helping children, and their families reach their full potential will go on."

Sandusky started The Second Mile in the 1970s to help disadvantaged young people.  Now he is accused of using that organization to find sexual abuse victims.

Christine Cecconi said after a divorce, she and her two children were going through rough times when they discovered The Second Mile.

“That actually helped them a lot with learning how to accept things, how to take leadership responsibilities and be able to reach out to others when they need to,” said Cecconi.

Sandusky is now accused of sexually molesting 10 boys he met them through The Second Mile.  Sandusky stepped down as head of the organization before those charges were filed.

Cecconi's daughter, Trinity, said her summer camp experience with the Second Mile was full of swimming and face painting.

“It made me very upset. It was one of my favorite camps. I just started to tear up,” said Watkins.

The Second Mile officials said they filed in Centre County Orphans Court for approval of the plan to transfer assets and programs to Arrow.

The statement Friday said Arrow Child & Family Ministries is a Christian organization that serves children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse and/or neglect.   It operates in Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, California and Honduras.