Growing for a Good Cause

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People in Lewisburg are using their green thumbs to grow fruits and vegetables for the less fortunate.

The Bucknell/Lewisburg Community Garden has grown since ground was broken last month. More than 20 people have plots in one half of the garden. The other half is taken cared for by volunteers, including Sydney Stieler and Cody Curran.

"Just getting dirt on your fingertips and putting something green into the earth feels good," Curran said.

The volunteers manage the garden and prepare it.  They plant fruits and vegetables which will be used to help feed the less fortunate.

"Helping people get what resources they need as far as tools, compost, and water and we're helping this garden grow throughout the summer to grow food for people," Stieler said.

Once the food is grown it's taken to St. Andrew's United Methodist Church in Milton for the weekly community harvest program.

"It provides food to feed maybe 100, 300 people every Monday.  We want to get more fresh, organic produce into the program," Stieler added.

The Community Harvest program is every Monday from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Saint Andrew's United Methodist Church in Milton.

"This is the kind of food everyone needs to be eating. It's fantastic.  Just to be able to see the entire transformation from seed to teeny-tiny plant is fantastic," said Curran.

The volunteers said knowing they are doing something to help the environment and to help other people is rewarding.