SPCA: Birds Were Tortured, Killed

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KUNKLETOWN -- The SPCA is investigating the torture and killing of some exotic pet birds in Monroe County.

Now a reward is being offered to find the person who authorities said broke into a home in Kunkletown this week and brutally killed the birds.

Bryana Renner of Monroe County loves animals. She especially loves her prized exotic birds. She is moving from a home in Kunkletown to Swiftwater and had temporarily left her birds at the Kunkletown home. When she came back Sunday she found three of the five birds dead.

"All I see is carnage, absolute carnage. It was disgusting, blood everywhere, feathers everywhere. I went outside, I was crying. I was in hysterics," Renner said.

The killings have caught the attention of the Pennsylvania SPCA. Officer Elizabeth Anderson is investigating the killings.

"At the Pennsylvania SPCA we investigate the disfigurement, torture and killing of animals on a fairly regular basis. This was a pretty brutal crime," Anderson said.

A $2,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who tortured and stabbed the birds.

"What kind of freak would do this? It was disgusting, because he or she or whoever tortured them and then killed them," Renner added.

Two of the five birds were not hurt. Renner doesn't know who did this but believes whoever is responsible knows her because the killings were personal.  Renner said the burglars did not take anything from the home, just killed her pet birds.

"They did not deserve this. If you have a problem with us you come to us, you don't take it out on an innocent animal," Renner said.

The family said they are not sure if they will replace the three birds because they are considered members of the family and they may be irreplaceable.