Honesdale Track Star Flying the Hornets Nest

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"This has been my best season.  It's my senior year and I've been in this program for 6 years now and I just wanted to have the best season I possibly could."

Honesdale senior Janna Wilson is running away with the spotlight, excelling in her events since her sophomore year.  It's just one of many things that set her apart from the others.

Honesdale Head Coach Mike Jurkowski said Janna has "leadership not only with her performances but also kids rally around her.  She's very personable, they like her, they have a lot of respect for her so it brings the team together."

Last week at the District 2 AAA championships, Wilson walked away with plenty of hardware and 2 new meet records in the girls' 1600 relay and long jump.

"Great things.  I mean to have two district records and 4 gold medals at the district meet is very, very impressive," continued Jurkowski.

"I knew that I had a pretty good seeding going in, but girls are very competitive, anything can happen that day so I didn't expect four golds. "

This will be Janna's third appearance at states where she'll be competing in 3 events: the 200 meter dash, the four by four relay, and, for the first time, the long jump.  Not having placed last year, she's hoping to find that extra boost that will put her on the podium this year.

"I know that going in I may not have the best jump or the best times, but I'm just looking for girls that are going to push me and then hopefully I'll be able to bring my times down, jump farther.  For the past 3 years, it's been amazing and to get to go back my senior year, I couldn't ask for a better season."

The journey won't end for Janna after states at Shippensburg.  Next up... West Chester University, to compete with athletes in Division II!